(2019 route is currently under review and will be updated later)

The Route for this event has been carefully designed to intrigue both experienced and new riders as well as garner interest from across the region and beyond! The 138km, Gran Fondo Sportive riders are treated to spectacular views along the Perfume River as well as the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia, with a stunning mountain backdrop. The ride will be split into four sections with three pit stops along the way. Please see the detailed sections race statistics and elevation plot below

SECTION 1 – 24km

We begin the ride at the historical Huế Imperial Citadel.  The first 12km warm up of the ride pass the Thien Mu Pagoda amongst many others. Here the warm up ends and all participants will board a ferry for a short trip across the beautiful Perfume River, this is a unique and special aspect of our ride. Upon crossing the river the timing of the ride begins. Next, the ride takes moves quickly towards the coast past the tombs of Huế, which are unique to the city. We will have our first Pit Stop at 24km (15miles) in Thanh Toan village, famous for its ancient Japanese bridge where you will be able to witness some history and partake in cultural activities as well as taking onboard some vital energy as food and drinks will be provided here.

SECTION 2 – 42km

The ride then heads away from the city before turning south down the West side of the Dam Thanh Lam lagoon, passing nearby the Airport, with the sand dunes and mountains as a back drop. This section is quite flat on country roads. We cross the lagoon in the south and head back north on the eastern side, along the spit on an open road alongside the beach. After a further 42km (26 miles) and at 66km (41miles) into the race there will be a second pit stop by the beach. Here, take on some more energy and stay hydrated.

SECTION 3 – 53km

We continue north skirting the sand dunes and circling the Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon System, the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia (spanning 70km along the coast). This section of the ride is not too technical as it passes along small country lanes and north along the coast. At the top end of the lagoon the ride crosses the bridge and doubles back on itself. And heads back towards the city. Before leaving the lagoon take a break at Pit Stop 3 (at 119km or 74 miles) before undertaking the home stretch of 19km.

SECTION 4 – 19km

This short, final section of the ride ends with a final view of the river in front of the Citadel and a final stretch through the cheering crowds on the riverfront before ending by the Citadel. The route encompasses all that Huế is about, with an ever-changing backdrop oozing culture and charm.


Distance 137.580 km Total Ascent/Descent 344 m / 344 m
Lowest Point 0 m (at 25.92 km) Highest Point 22 m (at 18.36 km)
Uphill 47.79 km (34.7%) Downhill 51.57 km (37.5%)
Flat 38.07 km (27.7%) Max. Height Gain 22 m
Steepest Uphill +2.6% (at 17.82 km) Steepest Downhill -3.0% (at 66.69 km)
Longest Uphill 1.62 km (at 45.09 km) Longest Downhill 2.16 km (at 83.97 km)


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